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Introducing webpost
Webpost is fast becoming the most efficient and cost effective method of handling post for many surgeries due to the amount of work that has been done to ensure it complies with all of the standards required by NHS / NWIS. By integrating seamlessly with clinical systems such as EMIS, Vision, Systm 1 and Microtest, there is no change in process for the staff creating and printing letters. Webpost enables your staff to post a letter directly from their windows computer, without the hassle of printing, putting in an envelope, stamping/franking and taking to a post box or post office. Mailshots and campaigns such as those for flu, or on-going QOF requirements no longer take up the surgery’s valuable staff time. It's as easy as pressing print. The document or batch of documents gets sent to us where we print them, put them into envelopes, frank them and then take them direct to the local Royal Mail sorting office for the postman to deliver – all for less than the price of a second class stamp! “We cannot imagine not using webpost, staff time is the most valuable thing we have gained…..” Jayne Taylor Lloyd, Practice Manager, Taff Vale Practice 16,500 patients “We have been using Webpost for almost a year now and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference to the practice from an administrative perspective. Considerable valuable time has been saved as a result of no more churning out of reams of letters, no paper jams to deal with when printing large recalls, no stuffing of envelopes etc. The software has been greatly received by staff who are now able to use their time on other tasks. You really see the full impact during Flu season! Staff time is the most valuable thing that we have gained by using Webpost and this really shouldn’t be underestimated. The software is straightforward and simple to use. All of the Webpost team has been extremely friendly and supportive. Although we have not undertaken a full cost analysis we have seen a 40% (approx) reduction in the purchase of paper, envelopes and toners. This, coupled with the staff time saved, means we cannot imagine not using Webpost. Highly recommended.” Jayne Taylor Lloyd, Practice Manager, Taff Vale Practice
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