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Introducing VoIP
Branch Surgeries have traditionally used a completely separate telephone system to the main surgery. They will have a different number and will need a different member of staff to answer the calls. The HiT Solution includes any branch surgeries, treating them as if they were in the same building. This allows you to share resource between surgeries, for example you could have one member (or a group) of staff taking calls for both surgeries. Alternatively members of staff from another surgery could just help out during busy times, lunch times or when you have staff call in sick. They no longer have to physically move from one surgery to another, they just answer the calls for the required period from the surgery they work from. Each phone will flash with the surgery name called so that calls can be answered appropriately and transferring calls between surgeries is as simple as transferring internally because all surgeries are connected to the same system. Linking surgeries with VoIP
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