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Introducing Regibox
Sharing patient information with health specialists or personnel from external organisations such as insurance companies can be a long-winded, paper hungry process for GP Surgeries. This is because the information being shared is sensitive and requires a high level of security. Many cloud based technologies designed to make sharing information easier, quicker and more efficient, don’t meet the health sectors required security levels. In fact one of the most criticised facts about cloud services is the lack of security, challenging when the NHS directive is to move towards a paperless environment. Regibox®, however, offering the highest levels of data security and protection with it’s end-to-end encryption and user-friendly administration, is ideal for surgeries. Regibox® is an established proven technology within the NHS being North Thames NHS Genomic Medicine Centre’s service of choice for the sharing and collaboration of documentation between multiple hospitals for the UK Genome Project. “We chose regibox because it combined value for money with ease of use” Mike Bone, Interim ICT Director at Great Ormond St Hospital for Children HiT can enable GP Surgeries to instantly and securely manage the sharing and updating of patient information with internal and external personnel without the need to print a single sheet of paper.
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